Tammy Lynn Deveau – Caribou, Maine

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In the fall of last year this married former social worker started sending my husband facebook messages after meeting him through a mutual friend.  She told him of all the problems in her marriage and tried to encourage him to open up about our marriage.  He did. They ended up sleeping together after her roller derby bout in September.  He immediatley felt bad and confessed.  This piece of shit didn't want it to end though.  She wanted to hook up again.  Told my husband that her husband had a microscopic limp penis due to all the meds he has to take after coming back from Iraq.  I told her husband in an attempt to try to get her to leave us alone and that didn't work. She reached out through Facebook messanger and would call my husband while he was at work. She told my husband that he was the best she had ever had and that she loved him.  She only knew him for a month!!  Since this time she has not been able to renew her social work license, we have had to file a restraining order and we have both had to shut down our Facebook pages because she will not leave us alone.  She looks like a bull dog, but I think she may be a bunny boiler.

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