Takeema Shavon Brown – Tobyhanna PA, Pennsylvania

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She has a sweet tooth for married men and men that are in relationships. Her ingredients is wrecking homes and families. Her dessert is using men to get ahead in the game. The main course is fucking anything that has a slanger in the middle. That smile, those eyes, those lips, that filter face is a devil in disguise. She wears wigs bigger than a bush to cover all the hoeing she has done the night before. Her skin consists of pot holes and dot to dot dark marks in which she uses tones of makeup for coverage. She frequents NJ area often looking for her big break. Takeema's interests are Pastors, Bishops, Supervisors, Husbands, Street Thugs, Studio Rappers, Mechanics, and Choir boys. She was last seen in PA looking to seduce and use Doctors. BEWARE SHE MAY BE COMING TO A TOWN OR CITY NEAR YOU. THE INTERNET WHORE, STREET HOE, STUDIO VEXION, YOU HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED

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  • Do you have any emails, text messages, photos together, home address,employment address, snap chat, facebook, periscope, twitter, her phone number.

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