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Michelle slaughter – Wichita, Kansas

Michelle slaughter is nothing but a dope whore this bitch broke up my marriage to chip Oden of 19 years and she thought it was funny so ladies she pretends to be ur friend when she's really scoping out ur husband so she can destroy someone else's marriage and mine wasn't the only one she's destroyed she is nothing but a dope whore who has STDs and all so be careful if u no her and r married 

Tara Cherisse Behrns – Wichita, Kansas

This is 30 something year old Tara Cherisse Behrns who is a married woman ! She works at a call center where she is sending MULTIPLE male coworkers nudes including married men. This "family woman" then tried justifying herself and blaming her husband on her infidelity, claiming he doesn't give her the attention she wants. The most hilarious part is her Facebook profile was her and her husband meanwhile she's been cheating on him the whole time . A waste of flesh , only good for whoring around…

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