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Megan Dechant – Mark Livengood – Overland Park – Lawrence, Kansas

He didn't know I found where he had hidden all of these back then… Reading through them I can clealy see how bad she felt for breaking up a marriage. That's actually laughable. She knew exactly what she was doing. Keep in mind that they 1st started talking just 3 days before these messages…   More to follow!       Mark Livengood Monday, June 27, 2011 at 4:53pm CDT ok i cant believe im gonna say this, but if u dont wanna complicate things by "sleeping" together i wouldnt like that…

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Megan Dechant – Overland Park, Kansas

This fake, stuck up, phony, drunk bitch decided she would sink her paws into my now, ex-husband. It wasn't good enough for her just to sleep with him, no she had to go and seduce him away by filling his head full of lies and sob stories. She broke up a 10 year marriage that produced 3 wonderful boys. I hope this nasty whore sleeps well at night. Karma bitch! 

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