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Rhonda Wofford ” Eye Candy” – North Little Rock, Arkansas

Have to post again…I was saying Ms. Rhonda thinks God sent her my dad. NO! God will never send u somebody else husband. Like my mom said if he cheat with u he cheat on you. My mom said I have to accept it, maybe so but I don't have to accept YOU. I can never respect a HOE that didn't care he had family. My dad a disgrace nobody has anymore respect for him. He needs to be embarrassed to. Rhonda that Thot not embarrassed she think she…

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Rhonda Wofford – Little Rock, Arkansas

This home wrecker keep coming for mom and family. Now she posting on here because I exposed her. I'm going to post phone call between Rhonda and myself. So the world know what kind lying bitch she is. The best part of this is my mom not thinking about u HOE. It me and my sister that has it in for U. I told u when u called me don't come for mom my it will be problem. 

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