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Morgan Sarah Hunnicutt – Gainesville, Georgia

This slut whore has fucked at least 10 married men in within a 10 mile radius, including my weak ass POS husband.  She is on every drug you could possibly imagine.  She has no regard for the families and children affected by her wrecking family after family. She claims she beleived my husband when he told her that we were still married and living together but only for the kids even though there was plenty of stuff…

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Dakota Benefield COOKOUT Tramp – Murraysville Cleveland Dahlonega Gainesville Winder Snellville Buford Alpharetta Tucker GA, Georgia

This bitch right here fucked my husband of over a decade. She knew all along that we are married and yet she still continued to have a sexual relationship with him anyways. He won't leave me and our kids. Yet she thinks that he belongs to her when he lives with me and comes home to me. I hope this gets around to everyone she knows so they can see the whore she is. 

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