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Reyna Valdovinos – Eureka ca, California

How are you able to fuck your Husband’s best friend aka your sisters baby daddy. And just think it’s ok. You sell blow jobs outta the back of your car. Your on back page . Your just disgusting everyone in humboldt county either fucked you or hates you. You sleep with everyone’s man bcuz ur so easy.  You have gotten your ass beat plenty of times and yet your still a home wrecker! You sure showed your…

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Bianca martinez – Eureka, California

Bianca Martinez is a nasty whore! The entire town knows of her and her family as the humboldt hoes! She sleeps with anyone and anything. She cried rape on 3’men and ruined their life’s. She’s been having sex since she was 9 got pregnant at 11 by a 25 year old who later killed himself bcuz of her. She needs to stop being a slut and stop fucking all these men!

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