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Kayla evarts – Dunmore, Pennsylvania

She's not just your every day home wrecker she's also a trouble maker and a drama momma if things don't go her way shes,constantly getting into arguments with everyone around her her and her so called fiancee live off the system when they have 4 ppl in there house living with them all paying there bills this girl Kayla has been introubble with the system for child neglect and hits her kids in the face with items…

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kayla marie evarts – dunmore, International

Kayla evarts beats her fiance in the face with a coffee maker and she hits her son in the face with an xbox she conciders herself to be a good mother when she sits all day doing makeup freeking out cause of her mental dissorders and she does heroin and cocain shoots up thats how she lost weight message her kayla evarts for a good time she will give sex to anyone. 

Kayla evarts – Dunmore pa, International

This girl caused so many problems sleeps around with men while her husband is at work locks her kids out while this is happening even has caused problems between her sister and her sisters ex husband she is messed up and has a lot to offer if you want herpies or any other disease you can tell by her picture she's a whore she sleeps around with everyone to her there are no limits