Tacoya Moss – Stamford, Connecticut

Never will it fails this bitch strikes again only this time she's not getting an abortion this girl has had plenty by married men and others ppl long time boyfriends… She is now currently pregnant by a married man that feels pitty for her dick Sucking ways since an adolescent this man has a newborn with his wife and Tacoyas slack ass found her self of ruining the joys of someone elses child birth experience she was sleeping at this women's house attending family gatherings and whole time sleeping with the husband 28 expecting working at Pet Smart living at home having a baby by a man with 8 kids 7 mothers to these kids making her #8 but the worst part he is newly married n she is having sex n there house and now carrying his child she has had trains ran on here girl on girl on camera just no class or respect…. Watch out for this Hoe Tacoya Moss of Stamford CT 


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