Stephanie Goings – Springs, Texas

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This chick managed to homewreck a longterm relationship, knowing the guy was in a relationship she continued to pursue him, sending him cleavage photos, messages, calls. It takes two to tango, but as a woman I can't understand how someone has the heart to do that. Plenty of single guys and she literally went for someone who's taken. Disgusting. 

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  • It’s one thing to “expose” someone then it’s another to lie about something someone did. For one im not a home wrecker, someone has been posting fake ads about me on Craigslist and posting my Snapchat to Omegle literally just out of the blue. If I was a home wrecker I would be very aware of it, I have came in between anyone’s relationship. If you seriously have an issue with me message me and stop cowering behind a fucking screen like the little bitch that you are.

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