Stacy Phillips – Orlando, Florida

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Stacy Phillips sleeps with married men! Not only did she have an affair with my husband but she already broke up another family before us. She goes to car clubs and scouts out the men with low self esteem who might be having problems in their marriage and then pounces. She asked for my husbands phone number right in front of my 2 kids and felt no shame about that. She came into my home and into my bed to sleep with my husband. She tried to convince him that I was this horrible person and every time he tried to get away from her she threatened to tell me or would make a scene out in public or even threaten to kill herself.  I actually witnessed this in person but had no idea it was because of my husband. She knew she was fucking my husband and then would smile in my face. She would ask him for money and thank god he was at least smart enough to not give her any. She would beg him to leave me and even after this almost 2 year affair she thought he would. In that time he bought himself and me a new car. We bought a new house and were in the process of adopting a child but she was dumb enough to still think he would leave his family for her. He confessed everything to me and she became psycho because we decided to work it out and we even had to take her to court for a restraining order. She still tries texting my husband from texting apps and he is constantly telling her to leave him alone. She also stalks our facebooks looking for information and was mad when my husband professed his love to me on Facebook. She is also the biggest loser I know and gets her car repoed, evicted from her apartments and gets fired from her jobs regularly even at 43 years old she doesn't have her life together and cane keep a man even one she is having an affair with.  If you own a mustang and your husband is in these car clubs in the central Florida area you better watch out for her because your husband could be her next victim! 

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