Skyy Marie Flores – Pomona, California

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This hoe use to be my friend. Now its time to expose her. She's been fucking a married man and doesn't give a shit that he has a wife. On her instagram account she proudly displays that shes a sidechick. She spends her money on him all the time like a dumb bitch, mainly for his drugs. She rather leave her son by himself in the middle of the night to go fuck in the back seat of her car where her son sits. She really thinks shes going to have a real relationship with him and use to tell me all the time that she loves him. Shes a easy hoe, show her your dick and she'll jump on it quick. She knows she isnt attractive and all she has is pussy to offer. I wouldnt call her a homewrecker yet, because that guy hasn't left his wife for her and her dumb ass gets all sad when he goes home to his wife. 

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