Sheri Lee George – Prince George, British Columbia

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This lying slut is my ex. I've known her for over 20 years. And I've always known she spreads her legs for anyone.  That is why I never started dating her until earlier this year when she came back to town to stay with her sister and help her out with her 18 month old son and chores around the house. She told me she had changed.  So I gave her the benefit of the doubt.  Hahahah guess what, she's still a  whore.  Not only a whore but a lying, cheating, home wrecking whore. This is because she cheated on me with her sisters boyfriend who stays there on and off. Being the pathological liar she is she denies it.  And of course why wouldn't she. Her family would shun her if they ever found out. Now I brought it up to her sister, and  of course she didn't believe me. She believes her sister would never do that to her. Shes in for a surprise. When I told her, I had the perfect plan for her to catch them in the act. Because I know their routine. Sheri has her and the rest of her family convinced I'm delusional and crazy. That pissed me off.  So it's gonna take video evidence because the audio evidence isn't good enough and clear as day texts between them.  One of their operations is the boyfriend will start a fight and get kicked out. And when that happens the sister likes to go stay at her parents because she is the baby. As soon as she leaves. He comes back and Sheri let's him in.  When the boyfriend is the sister always gets him to take care of their 18 month old, because she needs a break. As soon as she leaves bam it's on. They also do it at night when the sister is a sleep. Because she sleeps heavily. Now I was gonna let karma get them but because she has everyone convinced I delusional and crazy. And the fact her sister is so trustworthy about family, that could take years.  Sheri is so stressed out because she knows I'm right that it's literally killing her. Of course she tries to blame the stress on me. It kind of is but not in her twisted way she thinks or believes it is. If anyone wants to help or has any ideas on how to expose theses two pieces of shit feel free to leave a comment. One way I know that would catch them for sure is hiring a profession hacker. Which I am looking into it now. But I am afraid it might be too expensive. So if anyone knows a hacker that could do it for next to nothing that would be very much appreciated.   Also their names on FB are Sheri Aubichon, and the boyfriend has two. Joe Benn Morin and Joe M Benn if anyone wants to friend them and flirt with them.  I think if a good looking girl could get him to admit it. So if there is anyone up to the challenge I would be in debt to you. Just make sure he gives proper names. Thank you for taking the time to read this.                               




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