Shelby Lee Marie/ Robert “Bob” McPherson – Pompey, New York

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This girl right here is a piece of work. A home wreckin’ whore! Shelby pursued a guy that was in a “relationship” and was relentless until she had successfully scored him. 


Well, jokes on her because this douche Robert McPherson (Bob), a paramedic in East Syracuse, that she had landed is the biggest piece of shit you will ever meet! Robert has a long history of being unfaithful in relationships. Let’s not forget to mention the fact that he prefers his women/girls young. We’re talking as young as 14. I guess you could classify that as being pedophile like?

Robert likes to explore social media sights to meet these young girls. This one was some severe psychological issues.


With all this being said I do not feel one bit sorry for Shelby. She knew about (one) of the previous “girlfriends” and did not care. Bob and Shelby both live in the fabius-Pompey area a small town, so there is no doubt she has heard rumors in reference to Bobs ways. She probably just chooses to ignore them. Bob is quite the manipulator. Then there is the simple fact that Shelby is the kind of girl that just does not care.


*Seeing that bob can’t live alone for any significant amount of time I’m confident that he has or will in the near future move miss Shelby right in.


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