Shawn Alan wiley – Kansas City missouri, Missouri

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He has destroyed his marriage,his wife and son's life. Left them with nothing. Absolutely nothing at all.  His wife lost everything they owned after 28 years together and lived out of her car because of his covert evil desires.  His son lost his family home etc. This man is our evil. Had many sick affairs has gambled 300k plus, scammed it's,committed fraud, faked a business in order to gamble etc. Ruined the two people that loved him more than anyone.  He lies the cover up lies and brainwashed anyone that comes in his path. He threatened to killl his wife as well as a coworker and his now whore. Was infestigated by FBI.  He is mentally unstable. Clinically diagnosed with multiple disorders.   Can't keep a job.  works selling cars now at dealer in Kansas City kansas. One sorry sick entity. He will pay eventually for the pain he has enflicted on his family.  He is a very sad lonely lost soul

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