Sharon Comas – Las Vegas, Nevada

This 50+ year old woman likes to troll the internet searching for married men to meet and have sex with them.  Desperate much?  What kind of grown woman goes searching for perfect strangers to have sex with?  Needless to say she was able to convince my husband to meet her for sex all the while knowing he was married with children.  My husband accepts full responsibility for his actions and is very remorseful which is more than I can say about her.  When confronted there was no apology, just blame toward me for confronting her.  My husband is just as guilty as her but if you are a woman and you know someone is married you should definitely keep your legs closed.  It definitely wasn't worth the risk for him because once he hit it never spoke to her again.  However, she was desperately texting him to find out if he was ok.  She doesn't take care of her lady parts and definitely could use some trimming because the picture I saw has unfortunately permanently scarred me for life.  She works at a well known casino here in Las Vegas so watch out for her,  She has no morals or conscience and will do whatever she wants to benefit herself without apology.

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  • My name is Amy Reimers. I am the person who posted this information about Sharon Comas and I am truly sorry. It was childish of me to blame Sharon for her affair with my husband, Michael Reimers. Michael is a sex addict who has had multiple affairs and I have enabled him to get away with lying and cheating on me for years. But this is where is stops. Michael is a grown man, a sergeant in the USAF based at Nellis AFB, he is responsible for his own actions and he is solely responsible for the turmoil he has created for me and our two children. He created his own Tinder account and agreed to meet multiple women, including Sharon. He lied to her, telling her that he was separated from his wife and getting a divorce. Now that I have had the chance to think things through, I now understand that she too was a victim of his lying and cheating and I am so sorry for any problems I have caused for her due to this post. I’ve tried to remove my post but I can’t delete it, that’s why I am leaving this comment. Ladies, I have found the strength and courage to take control of my own life and leave my lying cheating husband. If you are married to a cheater, don’t put up with his lying, find the strength and ditch him, you deserve to treat yourself better.

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