Shari Ybarra (Beaughan) – Turlock, California

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World – meet Shari – the “it was all in fun” homewrecker! I want to first state that I do not lay all of the blame on her. She is equally to blame as my husband, but I want other wives and girlfriends to be aware of her since she thinks that sexting someone’s husband and ruining a marriage is “just for fun.” Oddly enough, she is even married. Her husband even knows and doesn’t seem to care either. My husband first met Sherri (she hates when people call her that), when he started with a new company. She is in-charge of HR. She knew from the beginning that he was married and had a young son. She didn’t care. She even tried to be my friend and even babysat son while my husband and I went to a concert. Before I confronted them, but after I knew, she even texted me and wanted to know if “everything was ok?” because she was concerned about some of the Facebook posts I made. She is a snake. And stupid too.

In October of 2016 I found out about all the sexting (aka emotional affair) she was engaging with my husband when my son brought his iPad to me and said “Look mommy! Boobies” – he’s 3. Sure as shit that cunt’s saggy tits were there. Come to find out ALL the texts they had been sending had been going to this iPad because it had the same iCloud account as my husband’s iPhone! So for the next couple of weeks I took screenshots of all there sexting back and forth. She had no problem telling him how she “rode” in the rodeo and that he “would need a few days to recover.” And that she would “love to fuck (my husband) nice and hard over and over.” This cunt even went as far as telling my husband “I love you. I want the strings attached. There’s the difference.” This obviously shows that she did not care about him or her being married and that she wanted more than just sexting. She definitely needs to understand that God does not send you someone else’s husband. 

This is pretty ironic cause when I confronted her she said that the sexting “was all in fun.” I told her that her marriage must not be too great and she said “Have you seen my husband? He’s gorgeous.” Hmmm . . . if he was so great then why fuck around with my husband. 

She was even trying to make plans with my husband to meet during work hours and have sex in his work trailer, or his truck, or one of the houses he was working in. All of this was during work hours. Oddly enough, even after telling the owners, they didn’t care. Finally, before it got to the fucking part, (they had already made out once) – I confronted both of them with all the screen shots. Again, she literally didn’t care. She didn’t want her husband to know, but had no problem still texting mine.

I have asked her several times to leave us alone. I want to see if our marriage can be mended. I have asked her over and over again to let him go. My husband (and not an excuse) is the type of person who doesn’t like to say no to people and he doesn’t like people mad at him, so he won’t just tell her off. It is now May and she is still contacting him. He has blocked her number and she keeps going. At this point it is harassment. She is lucky we live in Cali or she would be getting sued by me for Alienation of Affection and emotional distress.

Be ware! Cunt and whore! No morals at all!

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