Sebby liseo moda salon 8607293509 – Bloomfield, Connecticut

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He cheat on wife for 1 year and before cheat always.say he separate but not true. Wife is dummmy and his sons dummys.he love me daga but doesn’t love wife stuck with dummied italian wife. She ugly and no life. I make him crazy sexy in bed he say wife boring in bed.he love misia not his sons

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    • Word on the street is wife is filing for divorce soon serves them both right…two losers deserve each other and lets get the tramp a dictionary or spellcheck would help too. Once a cheater always a cheater.

  • You do realize this is a “homewreckers” website and that you are the home wrecker lol. But it’s okay cause you just exposed your own picture and full name soo… who’s the dummy now?!

  • If you’re gonna sleep with married men you should make sure your STD’s are curable You nasty bitch

  • @ketty dagmara pupkowski 15 fletcher road Wethersfield ct works for polish helping hands(don’t leave her alone with a married man or any man ) cell 8608392590 .she is a hoe. Call her and ask her about her husband

  • Know the family I feel heartbroken for the wife and kids…..they were such a beautiful couple and family. The wife just lost her dad a few months ago and now I hear she may have cancer. Dagmara I hope you can sleep at night knowing you destroyed something beautiful….you knew the family situation but shamed them all karma will get you…you are an awful person and I hope you end up alone the rest of your sorry life shame on you!

  • 😂😂😂😂 wow looks like a father and daughter to me….that is some nasty shit….

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