Sarah wall – Greeley, Colorado

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Homewrecker is her occupation and she is the most evil women I've came across. She is loves  breaking apart families. Keep your boyfriend, husband and children away from this psycho. She went after my friends boyfriend and was fully aware that he was in a relationship and they just had a baby. She was they neighbor and my friend would walk past her house w her son everyday to the mailbox and she worked at the same place my friend did before she got pregnant. So there were plenty of people that told her they were together and she seen them together many times. She encouraged and begged him to sleep w her promising she would never tell. I've never seen a women so desperate, easy and a really disgusting human being. She's the towns bicycle, everybody gets a ride. Idk who the fuck she thinks, when she posted pictures of my friends baby on social media that she had copied and pasted from my friends page. Who does that and how dare her. She's a sick person and shes still trying to contact him after he's changed his number and blocked her. She better watch her back. Sarah works at Texas road house in Greeley and she goes to vasa fitness as well. She is very conniving and vindictive be aware. 

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