sarah fithian – , California

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This is Jenna Eisenberg the woman recently accused of being a homewrecker by the woman named sara fithian, who claimed i ruined her marriage by dating nick pleasure. I never approached nick at his restaurant, I bartend at a strip club were nick pleasure was a regular. Nick lied and said he was seperated and not attracted to his now obese wife sara and they were co parenting. After i found out nick pleasure lied about him being seperated i talked to sara fithian and learned he had cheated multiple times that she knew of, but continued to stay with him. I feel sorry for ugly,insecure women like this that let their man cheat and repeatedly take them back because they know they can’t get anyone else! I just got spoiled out of the situation and great sex! sorry about your luck sara and enjoy continuing to be with him after all of this. Once again please tell him to stop trying to contact me, after blocking him and the restraining order he is about to spend the holidays in jail. 

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