Samirys Rodriguez – Kaiserslautern, Germany, International

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all I have to say about this little girl (because immature women who can’t keep their legs closed and throw themselves at married men are girls not women) is that she has caused a lot of pain and turmoil for me and this family. She well knew that he was married and she knew about me. I don’t know why women are set to destroy each other, it’s not womanly of her to go chasing after other woman’s man. Shame on you. But just remember that Karma works in mysterious ways oh but it does work you slut, when you finally think you’ve found something good and someone who you love that’s when karma will come back and bite you in the ass and I can’t wait for it to happen because you deserve everything that comes to you. And if you have something to say or complain about, you can talk to me because the problem is between us. You damn floozy Harlot. Don’t be saying that all the drama and issues are unnecessary and to keep you out when you are the problem and you are the center of it. You’re going down, Ima destroy your life when you least expect it.

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