Rosio Nathaly Martinez Garcia. – San Antonio, Texas

she is a complete liar person.her name is Rosio ex cheat om my with her knowing he had a girlfrend. This girl use to get to know people on meeting apps and where she is working.,some place of taco house on dawntown..she u to say that she's single to everybody havong and living with her ex..use to use alot of apps to hide everything from everybody,apps to get free numbers..what i know is that she was chaeting on my ex whit another 2 guys that he got noticed for someone who send him pictures of some conversatios i think was her boyfrend that nobody knows she had at that time..i couldn't get those..but have the guys #.he told me to the end that she got cached cheating on her phone with at least 6 or 7 guys and 1 girl called crystal.who she was hanging on..this dude told me that she was textin with i think 3 guys.including my ex.and getting calls from other one guy and at the same time and at the same day she went to meet 2 guys.what a nasty..fake and liar person..i mean I'm a mother..what kind of example are your kids many time do her dedicate for her kids..

im pretty sure that if someone watch this post and contact possibly will have sex with her..just be carefully because she is goin to keep your money.your stuff.ask for more stuff and just leave you.

I’m glad that happen to my ex.he deserve it..he told me all that they did..and everything mora was posted on a snap account now closed..


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