Robin Burns – Braintree, MA, International

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Robin was running around with my husband behind my back for about 7 months before I found out. I can not just blame her. He cheated on me a few times. I was the dumb one who stayed. I blamed myself and I believed the stuff he would say to me. So I believed I was not good enough. I found out they were together when they put they were in a relationship on FB. I look back and see so many signs. He started a fight with me on NYE so he could be with her I later found out. She would help him sneak around. I have never met her or had contact with her. I took him back like a dummy a few times after he left me for her. Nothing changes if nothing changes. They just went back to sneaking around. He has no love or respect for me but I blame her too. I would never betray another woman even if I did not know her. She acts as if he was never married. It was a slap in the face She was posting I love you on FB to him days after they said they just got together. My head was spinning. Everything made sense now and I felt so low. I do not know how she did not. It was a blessing in disguise. I wish I could say I was this strong woman who walked away instantly. But I was dumb and let myself be tortured for a few more months. He is all yours Robin. I do not want to be anything like you. I hope she gets some integrity and self respect. Like I am one to talk right? My head was so messed up and felt like it was spinning. What's her excuse. I hope they make it. I really do. Hating both of them changes nothing. No matter how much pain I am in one thing is true.. Life goes on. 

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