Robert Carnell Lock Jr. – Fayetteville, North Carolina

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This is Robert Carnell Lock Jr. Born 2/11/1988 he is an international Saxaphone player who is married with a child and has unprotected sex with multiple partners of both sex. He is very sick by charming his way into your life and then forcing you into a relationship just to be dishonest. STD rates in NC alone are too high for him to take away someone right to choose if they want to be apart of his dishonest lifestyle. He travels with a band called The Punch Band they frequent to Charlotte, near the beaches to New York all over. He works every Wednesday at the Beyu cafe being charming and selling cd's but his dishonesty and triflent ways are what makes it hard to want to get to know people these days. He loves being in downtown Raleigh show boating and getting you drunk so he can take advantage. This post is to make people aware please pay attention to warning signs when getting to know people cause alot of these people do not care at all.

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