Rhonda Wofford AKA “Eye Candy” – North Little Rock, Arkansas

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I find out this morning about this bitch Rhonda Wofford aka "eye candy" this what the hoe calls herself. I guess the old hoe in her feelings because my dad didn't want her ass she was just piece ass. My 14 year old lil sis been driving the THOT for minute now. For the record hoe, I told her to post your dumb ass all over Internet not our mom. See unlike you she has class. Why else u think she hasn't responded to Bullshit. You mad or nah? U mad that he went to Hawaii with his wife. You shame now that the world knows u are home wrecker. Even after your pathetic desperate ass cut her tires and bust the lights. All of which is on video because my neighbors had breakin and they have camera of footage. Moms going to handle you the right way but  we are going to handle you the way we see fit. See when u come for one bitch you get all. Jess didn't post your stuff right so let me do the honors. 

Rhonda Wofford. 1800 Buffalo Court in North Little Rock, AR 72118.

She owns Sheer Illusions at 8500 W. Markham Suite 315 Little Rock, AR 72205 http://shearillusionssalon.com

Please don't DO business with this hoe! If she have affair with my dad knowing he married. She will surely do the same to you. 

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