Renee Matthews – Lubec, Maine

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Renee is a home wrecker slut from Lubec, Maine who comes to Machias, Maine looking for people every day of the week and weekend trying to find a man to get laid. She doesn't care if they have a girlfriend or wife or family. She particularly looks for married men or those that are taken because she gets some kind of sick enjoyment out of it. When the man doesn't want anything to deal with her anymore she finds a way to contact the woman and be nasty to her and let her know everything in detail and then won't leave the man alone threatening him and then constantly texting him and calling him and then she goes and  tries to get a hold of him through his friends and tries to start crap with that mans woman. She went after my husband one night knowing we were fighting and unfortunately my husband took her home and she went all crazy psycho on him and wouldn't leave him alone and threatened myself and my family and I have had about enough of her not leaving him alone. She is in town every weekend trying to do the same thing with another man when she should be at home taking care of her three kids that she has with three different men. She is an all open access slut who won't keep her mouth or legs closed and it is sickening.

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  • Lubec doesn’t want to claim this whore. She’s from Canada. Btw she has 2 kids from 1 baby daddy. One is disabled, pretty sure she should worry about that kid instead of out partying all the time.

    • She needs to learn to keep her legs closed plain and simple…I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t have an STD…I feel bad for the person who posted this…hopefully she made the husband get checked….she should have just kicked his ass to the curb and left him with this disgusting SLUT! And yes she is from campabello not lubec!

  • First of all do you feel proud bringing up her son? Saying stuff about him? Bringing innocent children into this? Because I sure as hell wouldn’t. Second of all not everyone is perfect. And why isn’t the husband getting blame in this too? He played a part. Pretty sure it takes two to tango. Renee loves her kids and they mean everything to her. Saying shit about her son will not get you far in life. Bringing a disabled CHILD into this whole thing makes you a very low person. Do NOT bring her kids into this. And do not ever talk about her son again.

  • Like half of lubec hasn’t slept with someone’s husband 😂😂 it takes a slut to know a slut. Again she isn’t saying shit about the husband only her? Grow the fuck up and don’t bring kids into it. Maybe her husband shouldn’t been a man whore and sleep with people when he’s married ?? And you spelled Campobello wrong hun 😘😘

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