Rebekah Bernard – Jacksonville, North Carolina

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REBEKAH BERNARD, who goes by Sammie/Rebekah Davenport on Facebook, decided she was not good enough to get a man in the "free" world. She decided to start a relationship with not only an inmate at the prison she worked at in New Port NC, but to go after my best friends husband, who was the inmate at that prison. The inmate subsequently decided his wife, My best friend, who has been by his side for the past six yrs (including before he was locked up) was not good enough for him any longer. Even though they have a daughter together as well as a baby on the way!!!. Both of them Rebekah and the Inmate are low life scum!!!, In her position he can not give consent!!  Which mean she willing became a rapist. However, instead of being fired, she quit to attempt to escape criminal charges!! He is still incarcerated, and Rebekah continues to send him money, talk to him on the phone, and finds ways to physically see him. 

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