Ranielle Jerae Smith Chavez – Odessa Midland, International

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Karma is a bitch! This whore will try to fuck any man she can. She loves dick. Fat ass stretchmarks up her back . Her nipples point straight to the ground. Long dark nipples. Dark ass stinky pussy. Smells like she wiped shit on it. Drunk native whore. Typical. Ugly as fuck. Nasty. Dirty knuckles and neck rings. Crooked saggy face. Nasty mouth and lips. She wears so much makeup and smells like sweat . Hairy nastybush. Flat head. Had surgery to pin her huge dumbo ears back hahah. Basically she’s pathetic and disgusting and can’t get any men . So she fucks married men who have no intentions of marrying her. She’s NOT wifey material. She’s just a WHORE! 

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