Ranielle Jerae Smith Chavez – Odessa, International

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Ranielle Jerae Smith Chavez is a Navajo from Blanding Utah. She works at Keane Group in Odessa Texas. She is a home wrecker that slept with my husband for a few months in 2010- 2011. Then she drove down to SA and met him in a hotel for a fuck in 2013. She moved to Midland with her ex husband and continued to have an affair with my husband from July 2016- April 29th 2017. She bought him a phone to make their affair easier. She followed him to GJ to have a one nighter there and then drove all the way to Corpus to see him again just a few weeks later. There they broke up. He told her he never loved her and wanted to make it work with his wife. And she has since then gone on a rampage to post nude photos on the internet, fill her Facebook with years of text messages, photos, voicemails, and videos of him . I have recordings of her crying and begging him to tell her the truth. And admitting that she throws tantrums. She threatened to tell me everything for the last few months of this ridiculous affair and then blackmailed him with all this  so called proof that he loved her. It doesn’t matter anymore Ranielle. He’s not with you! You know the only reason your trying so hard to prove he loved you is because your guilty of being a whore. And hats what you were afraid of. You were afraid everyone would find out and think you were a whore. You did this to yourself. You have made yourself look like such a fool and a pathetic lonely miserable Whore. Don’t you realize that your future man friends will always see this and know what you did? Your daughters will always say to themselves “My Mom slept with a married man.” What morals do you hold? What pride can you bear? What right do you have? You continue to post things on your Facebook hoping to prove to your 400 friends some justification for your scandalous ways. The same 2 people reply. The same 20 people. All natives. Mostly men who are hoping to get you because they see how easy you are now. The women friends you have are disgusted with you and hope you don’t try taking their men. They even tell you to drop it already because they see how foolish your making yourself look! There is no justification for being a whore and sleeping with a married man! You didn’t win him. You never even had him! He lied to you to keep you quiet. He regrets every minute with you. He literally throws up if he sees your face. He scrubs his body so hard that he bleeds trying to wash your smell off of him. If he loved you he would remember something good about you. He can’t even remember what you look like anymore. He has completely forgotten you. You need to wake up and realize the trauma your causing to your family and your girls especially. Forever and ever they will remember you for what you did. They will forgive you and love you because they are your blood. But don’t think for one second that they won’t doubt you in similar situations. I hope that you find God and repent for your sins . Ask your good sister. She can help you. Don’t ask your bad sister. She isn’t any better than you are. She has turned you into he mess that you are. By doing what she did to you. Find peace with her. Find God. 

This is the Facebook page of a scorned sadly woman who’s trying to prove herself to the world that she isn’t a whore after sleeping with a married man.


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