Ranielle Jerae Smith Chavez – Midland Odessa, International

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You are still nothing but a nasty whore ! Disgusting. Ugly. Fat. Dirty. Used. Loose. Dark. Deformed. Uneducated. Pathetic. Lying. Obsessed. Degrading. Useless. Unwanted. Alone. Sad. Drunk. Short. Puking whore!! You always will be nothing but a joke to the world. Another degenerate Navajo worthless to the world taking up space and air while spreading diseases and sucking down mouthwash living off of tax payers money to get your inbred children braces and glasses and food stamps.  Single lonely horrible mother /wife/mistress. You couldn’t succeed and any one simple task your entire life because you are a complete failure. Buy a home! Pay taxes! Find a man! Keep a job! Go to God. He is the only one who can help you now. The only one that wants to help you. Do you think your 400 friends on fb and IG really give a shit about you? Would they be ok with you sleeping with their husbands? Ruining their marriages? Breaking up their homes? You think they agree with what you have done? No. Do you think your daughters have pride in you now? Wait until they grow up and want to get married. Are you going to fuck their husbands too like your sister did to you? Are you going to raise their children when they are born out of wedlock to another native teenage single mother? I can’t describe to you the insignificant importance in this world that I profoundly believe you and the rest of your kind hold in my heart. I have no pitty. No respect. No fear. And no remorse at all for you. Because you aren’t shit. Never have been and never will be!!

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