Ranielle Jerae Smith Chavez – Midland Odessa, International

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Ranielle, I see why your so angry. I did not make fake posts about you. I posted what I know is the truth. With MY name showing. I am NOT afraid of you or afraid to expose you for what you are. I am sorry you were lied to. I told you that already. Now your accusing me of things that aren’t true. You post videos of Joel that prove nothing. Don’t you know men are dogs? Well he’s MY dog.!! Why can’t you just leave it alone! I asked you to leave us alone on the phone on May1st when we talked. You told me if he reaches out to you that you were going to take him back because you love him. You should have respected my wishes when I asked you “woman to woman”. You continues to call him and me trying to block your number but my logs show it’s you I have proof! I am not posting anything but the truth. It’s embarrassing I know! But you seriously need to check your friends on fb and IG because someone either wants you, hates you, or is out for revenge. They’re posting things not me. You have my number. Try calling me. I don’t mind talking and listening to what you need to say. It’s obvious your family doesn’t care. I don’t either but if that’s what it takes for you to move on then I am willing to indulge you. I know he lied to you. He felt threatened that you would tell me (and I wish you would have). He never loved you and you never loved him. It’s called an affair. They usually never end the way you want them to. He is MY husband . MY vow and MY promise. I believe things you say and things he says. And now I have to put it all behind me and focus on “why” he did it and “if” we can move on. I don’t care who broke up with who lol that sounds so childish. It’s done. It’s over. You have issues you need to get help with. Including separation anxiety. Leave us alone and let us be. He don’t care if you have a new boyfriend lol Joe? Or whatever. He don’t care about you at all. We have deleted or social media accounts except the ones you created. We are trying to move on the best we can. You need to too. I might be older than you so you call me old and crackhead and whatever shit makes you feel better. It doesn’t bother me. I am more mature than you assume me to be. That’s why I can tell you all of this. This is done! Don’t you agree? If you post your hinge about him or me then I WILL post everything I can find out about you. I’m not threatening you . I’m promising you. Stop the lies. Stop the games. Grow up. And move on!

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