Ranielle Jerae (Rain) Smith Chavez – Midland, Texas

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Ranielle…. you both know what you did was wrong. You agreed in 2010 to have an affair because you were both married at the time . You knew he'd never leave me for you . There is nothing left to discuss. You have your feelings about the situation and I have proof. He didn't choose you. He fucked up and he's beyond sorry he ever met you. What kind of crazy bitch saves photos and screen shots and texts and voicemails for 7 years? You always had a plan . And I too have recordings. But your the one crying not him. "Never cried for any man but Pat". Your so pathetic. And your just polishing your own whore badge by posting shit without admitting you had an affair with a married man. Keep kicking rocks!! Lol. He's done with your deformed ass. Get some counseling. And be sure your new affairs know how crazy you are. Your shit just went viral!!! Oh and you work in the oilfield also so I guess it takes one to know one?! Move on whore. There's plenty of man camps. Your just mad that you got rejected!!!😂Done with your games. Done with your face. Done with you. NO BULLSHIT!! #feliciawho??

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  • Amanda Hinojosa . Isn’t your husband Joel Hinojosa a homewrecker and a cheater too??? He stepped out on you and your sons. We all obviously know he fucks other women behind your ugly ass face. Your so dumb that you actually believe his lies. He is a great manipulator. The only reason your pissed is because he actually fucked someone way more gorgeous than you. Funny how your husband said he was your meal ticket, you were uneducated and never work. And your tactics to kill yourself if he ever left. Talk about being Pathetic. So do yourself a favor and move on, quit being a stalker. We all know it’s you Amanda Hinojosa. Work on your marriage instead to blasting the other women. By The way, the only thing dedormed is your face. Work on that ugly face, maybe than your husband would want to fuck you instead of other women.

  • Hahaha.. Found Amanda Hinojosa on here.. Joel Hinojosa crazy obsessed psychopath wife.


  • Amanda Hinojosa is obsessed with me, its obvious by how many articles she has posted about me. She has been stalking me for 8 months now, I’m sure she checks my Facebook page daily, stealing my pictures. As you can see obviously she’s posted them. This woman wants every person who looks me up to believe that I sought out her old man. She can’t deal with the fact that he begged me to be with him, he lied to my face and hers. I don’t need to steal anyone’s man. I’m perfectly fine being on my own. I didn’t ruin my marriage, I ended it for reasons of my own. This woman Amanda has no life so she will continue to stalk and harass me. Get a life Amanda NO one is trying to steal your old man Joel Hinojosa. She needs serious help, she has made fake Facebook profiles and also posted articles pretending to be other people, this women is mental and needs help. She’s trying so hard to make me out to look like a “whore” when her husband is the whore, he went out of his way to cheat on her for years yet she stays and is placing all blame on others. She loves a man whore and can’t except that he’d rather fuck other women, he knows he can because she’ll always take him back, even though he cheated on her for years. My point is no one made him or manipulated hm nor did anyone threaten him, he did it all on his own will. Amanda your husband is the man whore. #JoelHinojosa


  • Why do you still care? Seriously you are one wacky bitch! Is it any of your concern that we choose to kee our marriage? Or are you just that hurt that you were used and lied to? Get on with your life! Why do you save videos and pictures and letters and a cheap ring and a free face mask? What do you gain from hoarding the past? Nobody care Ranielle! Not about your affair with a married man or the way he manipulated you into staying quiet. Nobody cares at all! You appear desperate and very insecure. Posting nudes of a man that you can’t have!! Who do you think your hurting? Cause your the only one proving that you just can’t let go. I don’t love you and I never did. His words exactly to you. Okay! Said and done and old ass news already. I hope you find your Bobby and Darrell that are sending me nudes and dirt on you. I tried to message you with screen shots but I totally have you blocked from everything and I’m not your friend and don’t care to be on any social site. So oh well I guess what you don’t know won’t hurt you right? Like the “truth”. Good bye and God be with you

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