Ranielle jerae chavez – Odessa Midland, Texas

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This slut ruins marriages and breaks up families including her own. She a nasty skanky whore works at Keane in Odessa she not a good mom to her girls and lies to her friends and will bend over for any dick fuck you fat ass slut u get what u deserve go fuk your child molester and your sister fucker

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  • Amanda Hinojosa is obsessed with me, its obvious by how many articles she has posted about me. She has been stalking me for 8 months now, I’m sure she checks my Facebook page daily, stealing my pictures. As you can see obviously she’s posted them. This woman wants every person who looks me up to believe that I sought out her old man. She can’t deal with the fact that he begged me to be with him, he lied to my face and hers. I don’t need to steal anyone’s man. I’m perfectly fine being on my own. I didn’t ruin my marriage, I ended it for reasons of my own. This woman Amanda has no life so she will continue to stalk and harass me. Get a life Amanda NO one is trying to steal your old man Joel Hinojosa. She needs serious help, she has made fake Facebook profiles and also posted articles pretending to be other people, this women is mental and needs help. She’s trying so hard to make me out to look like a “whore” when her husband is the whore, he went out of his way to cheat on her for years yet she stays and is placing all blame on others. She loves a man whore and can’t except that he’d rather fuck other women, he knows he can because she’ll always take him back, even though he cheated on her for years. My point is no one made him or manipulated hm nor did anyone threaten him, he did it all on his own will. Amanda your husband is the man whore. #JoelHinojosa


  • wonder whatever happened to her

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