Rachel Patrick McMorris – Billings, Montana

This is Rachel Patrick McMorris aka Rachel Kominski. She got herself in a situation where she was lied to. At first I had no hatred toward her. I discovered the affair by looking at my phone records. My marriage was not in the best place because I had multiple health issues going on. I had been through 3 surgeries in 90 days in 2013. On July 13, 2014 I discovered the affair.  I went to my husband work and humiliated him in front of his co-workers, not giving a damn of the outcome. Prior to going to my husband place of employment I spoke with Rachel on the phone and she was surprised to discover my husband was married. He lied to her and told her he only lived with me because of the kids. I don't know how she did see through the lies. My husband was not able to be out past 11-11:30pm because that's what he told me his 'new work hours' were. He told me a man had quit and he had to work from 10:30am-11pm. The money was never an issue with his paychecks because he worked in sales. When I called her and let her know that in fact my husband was married, she was upset and felt disgusted because she was lied to. I then went to his work and forced him to come home. Once we got home I threw all his clothes and personal belongings outside. Roughly 10 minutes after he had left Rachel called me and asked if she could stop by to talk. She then showed me emails that they had been sending. He even purposed to her in June 2013 in an email, what a joke! 
Moving on, she arrived at my house and I thought to myself, what a step down! He could have at least picked someone way better looking than me! We sat and talked for about 45 minutes in my living room. She made it clear she would never involve herself with a married man. She then started speaking of God. When all was said and done, she was walking out of my house when she turned to me and handed me a book about saving your marriage. It then dawned on me, how did she know where I lived??? As she left my house she promised she would never speak to him again because she was disgusted by his lies. She also told me she gave him an ultimatum. He had to leave me by July 12th. 
When the affair started, she said it was in February 10, 2014. My husbands behavior toward me started to changed. He was still texting me all day. We were not sharing a bed at that time because of my recovery. But he was still texting me and calling me throughout the day. Around March he started to become crabby all the time. I brushed it off to the amount of time he was working. By April he had begun to be foul to our children and even worse toward me. He would get home from work, undress, shower right away and didn't even bother to check on me in our bedroom. I was the one getting up just to see him and say Hi and ask him how his day was. He ate dinner I had prepared for him and we'd briefly talk and then I'd go to our room while he went to sleep in our sons room. 
After Rachel had left my house I tried calling my husband to find out where he was. As much as I was completely blindsided and upset, I wanted to make sure he was ok. We lived in the Desert and it was hot that day. He picked up the phone but refused to tell me where he was. Later that evening I found out Rachel had left my house and went to pick him up. After she had promised me that she would step out of the situation. She also promised that if he called her, she would call me to let me know where he was. Apparently he called her and she went to pick him up. He refused to talk to me, like a coward. I was a mess!!! My son was 3 and my daughter was 13. He would only talk to me through email. Turns out she bought him a phone because I told him if he wasn't going to talk to me, I'd shut his phone off. Rachel then moved him in her house. At 10:30pm she drove him to our house so he could pick up his clothes. It was very sad! I could see on his face that he had so much hurt inside for what he had done, but he was too much of a coward to admit it. While he was putting boxes of clothes in her car, she decided to run her mouth at me. She is the type of woman who would call the cops on me if I touched her. Thanks to my medication it left me with dry mouth. I tired to spit in her face but I couldn't. While my husband was loading the boxes in the trunk I went back by him to talk to him. He had tears in his eyes. I could tell he didn't want to go. 
He was gone for a total of 9 days. He called me on the 9th day from work and told me he wanted to end his life. I rushed to his work and we sat in the car and cried. He wanted to come home but he didn't think I'd be able to get over the affair. Which to me was just a coward thing to do. He wanted to come home but he didn't want to talk about what lead to the affair. Which wasn't an option. 
That night he came home. The kids were so excited to see him. Sadly my daughter knew what happened but my son was young. My son actually said he didn't like 'daddy's friend who came to the house" he also said he didn't understand why daddy wanted to spend time with her and not us. I tried to talk to him on  3 year old level. 
Moving forward my husband was home. He was no longer able to drive himself to work. I mean trust was broken! He started coming home at the normal time he got off work. The first few days were rough but we did the best we could to work things out. By August 7th things were back to feeling like he just made a huge mistake because he wasn't getting the attention he wanted. I sent Rachel and email telling her the affair was the best thing that could ever have happened. She replied back and told me it hasn't stopped! My heart dropped. That night my husband and I had a date. Now I knew the affair hadn't stopped, I knew if I text him or called him, he'd hop on his motorcycle and go back to her house. So I played along. He called me right before he left work and asked me if I wanted him to pick me up some food and some snacks for our movie date night. We were having a movie date night at home. I told him I didn't want anything and I couldn't wait to see him. He told me he loved me and he couldn't wait to see me either. Then he sent me a text telling me how much he loved me. August 3rd is our anniversary. Rachel had also sent me several emails, and one email was sent on August 3, and he was telling her how much he loved her and he wanted to be with her. Which my heart broke again. Not only did I have to face him when he got home to confront him about the affair not being over but I had to know that on our anniversary he was telling another woman how much he loved her. 
During the time he was living with her, she was trying to talk to my mother in law and told her that her and my husband were buying a house and she would have a room for her if she wanted to live with them. My mother in law wanted nothing to do with that or her. Rachel told me she would back my husband and take me to court to help him get custody of our son. Rachel was a delusional, Evil, lying Whore! 
2 years after the affair was over, Rachel married a man I believe she was also seeing while she was sleeping with my husband. She would go back to her hometown of Billings Montana to visit. There was one email I read about her telling my husband how she ran in to an Ex who was telling her how he wanted to be back with her. 

Rachel had been married before. She got caught in an affair with that husband as well. I actually communicated with him via Facebook. He told me their story. She was sleeping with his best friend. So he divorced her! 

If any man runs across this woman, she is evil. She lies to make herself look good. To this day my husband has huge regrets that he met her. He regrets everything that happened. We can now laugh about it because I know my husband heart. He was lacking attention at home, which is a piss poor excuse to have an affair while his wife was at home sick since 2011, but recovering from multiple surgeries in 2013. 

Rachael disgusts me! Her poor husband may not even know the truth about all this. I tried to reach out to him via Facebook but it appears as though she got her hands on his account so he is not able to get any messages from me. If you or anyone knows Rachel Patrick McMorris, I feel bad for you all. She is disgusting! I remember looking through her Facebook shortly after all this had ended and seeing the new men in her life and all her friends saying how happy they were for her. I mean how many times can your friends be so happy when their friend is just needy for a man?? Why didn't any of them tell her how stupid she looked? Who updated their Facebook to match their boyfriends Facebook???

Rachel is scum. Worse than scum. She has no care in the world about who she hurts. Not only does she not care about the wife she is hurting, or even her own husband, but she doesn't care about the kids that she hurt as well. Her oldest daughter looks like she is a mini Rachel. Rachel should be mothering her and telling her the way she represents herself on social media is not tasteful, but that's not my business! What is my business is that Rachel is a home-wrecking Whore! To the fullest. 

You've all been warned! Use protection if you decide you are going to engage yourself with her. She is married, but obviously God and Marriage hold no standards to her. 

It's been 2.5 years since it all ended, but it takes time to get over the amount of betrayal I went through. It was my husbands doings, but she played her own part! Once she found out the truth, she should have been a woman of her word and walked away, but that was apparently asking too much! 

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  • What a whore!

    This stories all need to be shared across the web! Don’t let these women/men get away with this!

  • You left out one very interesting detail from this previous hisband you spoke to he surly must have told you they got divorced like 8 years later and she divorced him, but i mean when the whole story is kind of a lie why not just really see how far it can go.

    • I do not care if her affair was 8 years ago or 20. She knew what she was doing. Even after she found out we were still married, she still moved him in her home for 9 days.

      So maybe you just need to accept that she is a homewrwcker!

      • This woman is a scum bag ho. She should of had more respect for another woman. Instead of spreading her legs to a married man. Only trash bags open their legs to married men. She has no class. She is a pure pig. Karma will get her.

        • Karma will get her! To this day I still wonder if her husband, Chris McMorris knows the truth? If it’s coming from her mouth, it’s probably a lie. She’s a disgusting Whore!

          • She is ruthless, deceiving, bitch, whore who DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR FAMILY. She is probably spreading her legs right now to her so called “patients”. Feel sorry for her “new” 3rd family she roped her 3rd husband in. Watch your pocket book. She lives in a fantasy world.

    • Alyssa a whore is a whore. There’s no way around it! Nice try though for trying to make it look different. She’s probably still out whoring around!

  • Debbie, Do you personally know her?

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