Philip Adams – Shreveport, Louisiana

If you see this man, RUN! Not only does he play holier than thou, he will take money from you, use you, and then cheat on you! And instead of being a man about it and telling it to your face, he'll break up with you while hesh running out of town. How do I know? Well Philip cheated on me when we were engaged. It was with his intern at his office. He begged my forgiveness and for me to take him back. Well the lease was up on our apartment and our landlord upped the rent. So I (like an idiot) bought a house for us. Three weeks before the wedding (that this cheap bastard couldn't help with) he ran off saying he was "anxious" and he wanted to be connected to nature. BS because I found a brush with blonde hair in our apartment. Lying SOB. If he's your lawyer, imagine how he'd screw you over .

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