Peyton Hagen – Omaha, Nebraska

Peyton Hagen of the Omaha/Bellevue, NE area has been sleeping and “dating” my husband for over a year now. She has meet me and my kids and still is sleeping with my husband. She has been lying about their relationship and doesn’t think there is anything to tell me. She is now pretty much moved in with my husband (family issues and him being in the air force have caused us to live apart temporarily). Her family knows he is married and call him her boyfriend, but he told them we have been divorced for well over a year now. We also have 3 kids together and the youngest being 6 months old so we all know we haven’t been separated let alone divorced for over a year. We also were sleeping together until December. He has stopped all communication with the kids and only talks to me when he asks if I will let him sign over rights to them. He is playing house with this homewrecker and her family and none of them see what’s wrong in that. They both are still denying being together and say I’m crazy, however all the gifts he’s bought her, trips, photos, and messages don’t lie. Plus her things all over his apartment don’t lie either. I think it’s time for justice. 

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