Penelope Weaver – Riverside, New Jersey

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She looks for married men at the bars she frequents. You can catch her at the JD's Sports Bar getting drunk and luring men to feed her sexual appetite. This slut came into my home and was having sex with my husband while I was at work. I set up security cameras and when they thought I left BOOM I came in the room with a broom stick beating his ass and attacking her ass. They both ran out down the street butt naked wearing nothing but beat marks. After hiring a private investigator I have learned my husband was paying her bills and they would meet at the Pub and have sex on the side. She isn't hard to find that big ass forehead and the tracks showing on her cheap ass weave. She not only fucked my husband she fucked his brother too. In this picture I spotted her wearing my half cap weave that my husband probably gave her. Dont let that smile fool you ladies SHE IS A CHEAP ASS HOE 


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