Paul Stephen Reid – Alness Scotland, International

lieing cheating partner of 9 years 2children one only 3months old, when he signed up to a dating site to sneak off for sex. And a skank called Jessica-Louise Shewan from Alness hooked up with him first night they met online she invited him to her house,after she finished a night shift what a sl*g & he was drunk after the pub (that wouldn’t have been pretty) not sure who I’d worse her for being so sex hungry or him. But I kicked him out so he had to go to her because he had nowhere else to go. he’s a loser & has zero money he couldint afford to rent a place of his own he will just use her. she’s just a sh*g and a place to stay now. She must be a right desperate skank though knowing he has a new baby & a two year old.

No sisterhood with this one !!! 

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