Patty Kowalski Truselo – Puyallup, Washington

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Patty came on to my husband full force with her sexual dirty ways of sucking his dick and would swallow all of his ???. My husband said she would never turn him down for sex, she would even pay for Hot Tub trips. She thought she could move right in to my life and be taken care of . We had 2 homes on the water and i'm sure she thought she was in heaven, she had a older cheap built home that was falling a part so my husband was her escape to wonderland. Little did she know I was the one who made more money than my husband and I also was the one that kept these 2 homes from forcloseure when the fininacial disaster hit us. I was very pre occupied with my brother that came down with cancer and I was his caregiver and he was so sick, I was not expecting my husband at this time to be screwing some whore like Patty, I even made a comment one night that his face smelled like dirty pussy, she is dirty. . My husband is as mush at fault as she is and he has lost his whole family, he has humiliated us in our community by going to her work at Albertsons on every break lunch after work you name it they were hanging all over each other any chance they could.  Her husband did nothing after I told him, but bought her a new home, that will not keep this type of slut from doing it again. If he only knew  what she told my husband and how she hated being married to Stan he is a alcoholic that would keep his beer right outside the bedroom on the deck so it would be cold first thing in morning. She hated sex with Stan(her husband) and much preferred the way my husband would have sex with her. Patty is a cheap fuc…..and will do anything for attention of any man except her husband and her daughter is very good at covering up for the mother, who teaches there daughter this kind of behavior a out of touch looser and only cares about her self and what she can get from anyone watch out she is as evil as they come….

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