Pamela Schwab Smith – Franklin, Kentucky

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Pamela likes to sleep with married men. Currently it is Tommy Hollimon the director of the housing authority of Paducah,Ky. Tommy’s wife had brain surgery to replace a shunt in March 2017 and has struggled since to put her life back together and recoup from the damages of the hydrocephalus and the surgery. Pretty much the entire time this trash has been sleeping with her husband. This is Tommy’s third wife and third child that he has done this very thing to. The second child was given to another man by Tommy to raise. Good old Tommy has been in therapy for a long time for sex addiction and bipolar disorder but stopped therapy. So Tommy and this trash apparently thinks it’s ok to call and talk About their love for each other while he’s at home with his family sitting in the room. These two special idiots also thought it appropriate to FaceTime and put Tommy’s 5 year old son on to introduce his girlfriend and that they are getting married two days after he moved out. These two sickos deserve each other!!! Have fun with that P. Smith 😉😘

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