Paige marie panarello – Blackwood, New Jersey

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paige is a dirtball hooker living in a basement on s. collins in blackwood nj.  No electricity no toilets, no shower no water.  she is an ex con with arrests for assault, shoplifting, heroin, you name it.  has spent lots of time in jail or juvie facility.  prentending to get clean she will scam you out of money for her "methadone treatment " payments.  Take her there and pay for it and she will sneak out the back and head for camden.  Often to be found wandering camden nj streets in a klonapin stupor.  known for violent attacks on school teachers, sisters in laws.  had her kid taken away from her because she is such a piece of crap addict. was just in jail for 3 weeks and is pending sentencing in camden superior court for heroing possession.  a real beauty of a con artist, loves to rippof seniors. no shower or toilet at her house and excrement is tossed into backyard of condo complex.  

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