Nyree Wilson – Colombia Batimore MD, Maryland

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Sergeant Nyree Wilson of Marine Corps is a home wrecker. She loves to prey on married men with a wife and children. She knows that a man had wife and kids and she still tried to get in a sexual/ romantic relationship. She isn’t in the dark about the wife and kids. She try to establish a boyfriend and girlfriend relation or in her terms “work boo” during working hours even though the men is married. She doesn’t care who she hurts in the process and she is a deceitful piece of trash who thinks she’s above everyone else. She’s a recruiter and only wants contracts for the numbers and not because she truly cares about you and your well-being. If anyone sees her at their school or zip code or colleges avoid her as much as possible not only will she tried to sleep with your significant other she will also tried to get you to sign a bs contract so she can look good with false promises. She is not truthful and she was fraternizing with higher ranking officers. She should be reported to her chain of command for fraternization with a married man with very young children. I know she is still continuing her disgusting games to satisfy her low self-esteem. Do not sign her fake contracts and do not engage in any communication with this toxic person. I am warning other women and men about this cheating liar and saving other people from pain and lies that she spews out. She talks about how much she hates her poolees and possible candidates to other Marines. She is unprofessional and rude and has a black heart or not heart at all since it doesn’t bother her that she does this. I know karma will get her one day and when it does it’s going to slap her real hard in the face. You don’t go to Church nor values it’s teaching. Your a disgrace I hope your mother and father knows that and everyone does. Your 31 years old as the year of 2017 and your still playing these stupid games. Grow up you hoe. Your no queen your the scum of this earth and failed in life and your not making any money moves. I see you and I see how fake you are. Also the men don’t care about you. They drop you once they’re done talking to you. Your a complete fool and joke Nyree Wilson. 

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