Nyree Wilson – Baltimore MD, Maryland

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Sergeant Nyree Wilson is a female Marine recruiter who knew about a mans wife and kids yet she still pursue a relationship with him in hope to breaking their marriage and family and tried to sleep with my husband. She would text and call and videochat him in to long hours. She fraternize with any male who looks her way and doesn't care if they have a girlfriend or wife or kids. She has no respect for others and only thinks about herself. If she represents what America is then she is a failure. Women beware of this homewrecker. She knows what she's doing to hurt others intentionally.

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  • If she is wearing the uniform and is on active duty, then what she is doing is against the UCMJ. Fraternization is a big no-no! Fraternization in the Corps is not just officer/enlisted relationships. You’re also not allowed to date a Gunnery Sergeant or above, if you’re a Sergeant.

    Married Marines are not allowed to fraternize with ANYBODY! Doesn’t matter if they’re the same rank, or if the other person is a civilian. You don’t even have to provide proof of what you know. Just tell her Command Sergeant Major, or her Commanding Officer what you know. They’ll start investigating it right away.

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