Nicole Noel – McDonough, Georgia

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They got together last year. My husband and I had split up over a series of drug relapses. Over the course of 2 months or so, they talked, and god knows what else, and he and I talked. We ultimately got back together to work things out. I was none the wiser. Two months ago, I left town to visit my brother. My husband took it upon himself to revisit this old fling. I randomly picked up his phone this week to find the following conversation. I reached out to this homewrecker to get more information so I could verify the truthfulness of what my husband has told me of their relationship. She hasn't responded. At all. She can take the husband, but not face the wife. Had she had the respect for herself to come clean, and tell me how broken my marriage was, I would have let it go. It's his marriage, not hers. But to brush it off like you didn't just participate in ruining someone's life?

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  • I have information on this, and a witness of the occurrence. Was his name Chris? This is true.

  • I’m having an issue with her now. I knew I had a bad feeling about her and I told the father of my child that but he doesn’t realize it. Now I know why and I thank you so much for this. She won’t wreck my family. I won’t give her the chance.

  • I know of her…. this is a pretty normal thing she does he doesn’t have respect for her self or others more than likely she did not respond because she had more guys she’s talking too and wasnt taking chris too serious as he thought she was…I have a lot of information about this and haley I know more about your situation too. If you respond back with phone numbers or facebook accounts I can help u more.

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