Nickkie the p butcher maynard – Chapmanville, West Virginia

Reasons why I dont F with Nickkie The P butcher maynard


Shes a married man eater 

she preys on insecure married men w children

She farts during masturbation videos…..wet leaky brown fluid farts that trickle down the a hole

She flaps looser than a flap jack

Think about starring at two lips getting blown by 100 mph gusts of wind….

Not exactly sexy 

Her vagina looks like it just gave birth to a watermelon, got attacked w goo glue and then had sex w big bird after he showered in bleach


She will like u long enough to expose all your dirty videos and pice that u send her to your wife. 

Shes addicted to drama and married man dick.

Shes a very small town girl looking to spice up her pathetic life by destroying marriages

In other words she dont give a fuck bout u or your marriage or your kids…..she just likes to flick her bean to married men who in return post all her masturbation videos online for shits and googles enfasis on shits

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