Nicholas Charles Kaminski – Denver, Colorado

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My Ex is just as much a POS as this guy. She and I lived in West Texas he lives in Denver . She was visiting a friend of hers in Denver they decided to confuse the hell out of My 4 year old daughter that is most of the time at her moms or sisters and hidden from me while my ex works as much as she can so she can make the 12 hour drive to go chase this Obviously desperate accounts executive for CBS Denver and part time druggie called mile high fairy spaceman around. Nick Kaminski had the guts to completely re arrange  the life of My daughter and myself because he couldn’t get a woman within 500 miles tobhabe anything to do with him ..after several attempts to contact Dickless Kaminski  ( I never  sent Dickless one thing that was threatening).. He finally replied it read  stop harassing me I’m moving forward with charges ..  He can destroy/wreckhomes and be 50% of the reason My Ex and I are now going through a custody battle, but if I text him he is moving forward with charges. Remember if you see him his name is Now Dickless .. 

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  • No worries friend Your cheating X isn’t getting exactly what she was sold by Mr. Dickless .. Went to same school as this kids in Jersey.. I am several years older but if I remember correctly he was not much in to women then .. He flipped shit on a girl once when she made a comment of dislike about his boyfriend Chris Collins voice..

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