Nathan Wright – Ft Campbell, Tennessee

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Look out, here comes trouble! Looks like this bad boy has been cheating for awhile and the truth is finally coming out!  Nathan Wright will try to woo you with his bravado, sharing all his Army Sapper stories, how he lived like a gypsy, and his love for the outdoors. But don't let his passion here fool you! None of it is for you as he's only in this for himself. Did I mention he's married? News to me too! I guess that's what we get for trusting Army boys, right? I think he's from Tallahassee, FL but if he's military still then he's moving around, ladies! Don't let this silver-tongued ass steal your heart. If that guy you flirt with at the bar ends up giving you the number (931)218-*112, don't ever talk to him again! And good luck to his boss as I'm sure he'll be making trouble at work too. It's one thing to make a mistake but what he did was calculated and he has zero remorse for his actions. 

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