Natasha Tibas – Honolulu, Hawaii

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This sluts name is Natasha Tibas and she was a former coworker of my bf. They worked at Fisher Hawai'i in Kakaako. Yes bitch, I'm telling everyone everything. When I first confronted her about talking to my bf, she claimed she "wasn't that type of girl" and would never talk to a taken man. So okay, I left it at that. But then! Oh wait, but then! This bitch contacts him a year later, apparently to inform my bf that she is leaving the island of Oahu. Why the fuck does my bf need to know that!? Especially after the conversation w that, you shouldn't be talking to him AT ALL! But that's how thirsty a bitch is! So I discover them AGAIN! This time the conversation between the two was VERY INTERESTINGLY SEXUAL.  Not that type of girl, huh? I could stab a cunt. Keep a close eye on your men, ladies. It don't matter how good of a guy he is. Even the good ones can break your heart. And trust no bitch. Even your best friend will fuck your man. Soulless bitch. I hope she jumps off a cliff.

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