Natalie – Platteville, Colorado

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Fake, ugly, worthless, pointless, snitch, rat, confidentional informant, wanna be, ignorant, lying, cheating, snake…. she tries to be a mom evety couple years too…. the ultimate trap star. She walks around these car meets like she is tough and all gangster…. shes nothing but a comedian… newsflash your knee pads are worth more than your ugly pice of shit scion. Go home hoe. Dont you have kids? Like 9? Yeah… go home, youre an embarrassment, i look at pics of the club and you are the only ugly, troll, ass, lookin wanna be. Not sure how you weaseled you way into a crew thats down like they are, cuz youre not shit. Youre a rat. Im gonna bring your paperwork to the table too. Youre embarrassing, and your man looks like a straight clown. Weak as fuck. You aint about shit, we all know it too.

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