Morgan Sarah Hunnicutt – Gainesville, Georgia

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This slut whore has fucked at least 10 married men in within a 10 mile radius, including my weak ass POS husband.  She is on every drug you could possibly imagine.  She has no regard for the families and children affected by her wrecking family after family. She claims she beleived my husband when he told her that we were still married and living together but only for the kids even though there was plenty of stuff on his Facebook about me. We had a great sex life before this and a happy family and she has ruined all of that and I found this out two days before Christmas. It happened in September and was actually at a funeral with her and October where she smiled at my face after my friend got shot in the back.

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  • Fucking nasty ass bitch. Lots of STD tests going on around here. She better hope I dont see her ass in the street. After hearing of this article his trash proceeded to call me and not only threaten my life but told me that she could have kept fucking my husband and that there was still a lot i didnt know. Ill take that as I have a disease and you dont know it. I got your number bitch.

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